About company

LLC IE Ukrlisexport was established in Ukraine in 1997.

Due to the timely analysis conducted on the timber market in 2002, the owners of companies have started to invest in the latest production of saw timber. Thus the company has developed a new type of products – lamella from hardwood (thin wood blanks/planks for the three-layer parquet with the following characteristics: a thickness from 2.8 mm, width from 70 mm to 260 mm, length from 490 mm to 3020 mm). The production capacity of the lamellae from hardwood – 25 000 m² a month.

The company is located on the 20 Halytska str., Rohatyn, Ivano-Frankivska obl., Ukraine. The area of enterprise is 4.44 hectares. Industrial area is located within the city with full infrastructure road and rail sidings. In the production facilities of the company (area of over 5,000 m²) are basic sawmills and production lamella from hardwood.

LLC IE Ukrlisexport has well developed logistic base, a skilled staff with 150 employees, experience in the timber market more then 18 years and is open for cooperation.

Our company has the appropriate capacity and produces wide spectrum of production, such as: lamellae from hardwood, logging, sawing wood, parquet and furniture blanks, edged and unedged timber, hardwood lumber, wood briquettes Nestro, fuel chopped firewood. All products are made from hardwood trees (beech, oak, ash, hornbeam …) 

View our main products:

Lamella (sawn veneer)

Parquet & furniture blanks


Fuel wood briquettes

Our products are certified and manufactured by equipment of the following companies: LEDINEK (Slovenia), TAJFUN (Slovenia), NEVA (Czech Republic), AVETEC (Austria), PRIMULTINI (Italy), BIGONDRY (Italy), BRUNNER HILDEBRAND (Germany), BRYTEX (Poland) , WOOD-MIZER (Poland), ISELI (Switzerland). 

LLC IE Ukrlisexport has an equipment WOOD-MIZER (Poland) and ISELI (Switzerland) for sharpening of band saws which provide maximum duration of their work. 

The most buyers of our products are from Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal and others. (See map: map of export).